body treatments

detox body wrap

This centuries old ritual is made possible with raw ingredients to help remove impurities from the skin. Negative ions help remove toxins from the skin to leave your skin rejoicing.

sweet surrender chocolate wrap

Get ready to “surrender” to your craving for an indulgent body treatment, and it’s ALL CHOCOLATE! Your “treat”ment will include; a chocolate mint scrub, chocolate stress massage, and a full-body chocolate wrap. Perfect for any chocolate lover, these 90 minutes of sweet surrender are sure to leave you completely relaxed, and your skin sweet-smelling and deeply nourished. A truly indulgent experience!

milk + honey polish

Protect against dehydration and nourish your skin with a rich mixture of rice milk and honey.
45 minutes - $95

seaweed / algae body mask

Rich in vitamins and minerals with natural anti-inflammatory compounds will have a positive effect on acne damaged skin as well as help to rid the body of loose excess waste in the top layer of the skin.

creamy salty scrub

Hydrate and renew your skin with a special mix of Shea butter and special oils that will have you glowing.
50 minutes - $95

mango passion body wrap

A thick yogurt of tropical fruit extracts to help refresh and hydrate your body with a botanical formula to help to even out skin tone as well as firm and invigorate the skin.

* All body mask's and body wraps involve a body polish, and body mask.
All services listed are subject to availability and can change without notice.